Random Internet Encounters 1: Daniel Floyd Interview

Episode 1 is finally here! This was recorded in late 2011, and features Daniel Floyd, the voice of Extra Credits!

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8 responses to “Random Internet Encounters 1: Daniel Floyd Interview

  • ANON

    Your voice is so shaky. Calm down, man.

  • Samuel el Pesado

    Well for starters, as a speaker you’re leaps and bounds above the people in my freshman Speech 101 class.

    I like your show, but it feels like you’re not doing anything that cowardly internet journalists haven’t already been doing for years.

    My suggestion, try to find your voice. What separates you from all the other people giving interviews on the internet?

    Also, it sounds sometimes (especially for the first 4 minutes) like you’re just reading from a list of questions; Maybe you could try to loosen up and hold a conversation with your guests, or alternatively you could find one topic that both of you can talk about for a while and stick to it. Actually, I’m not sure that second suggestion fits. Either way, it’s your show, figure something out. Keep your audience engaged.

    You’ve clearly got drive and ambition, that’s the most important thing. Now try to mix it up a bit and have a bit of fun.

    And ANON is right. You do sound a tad shaky. Maybe you could find a stage voice… or something similar.

    Wow, that post was a downer. Let’s fix that. http://www.wizardwheezes.co.uk/happy_kitten.jpg

    That’s better.

  • fiddlestix

    damn… bandwidth allowance.

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